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The STIHL iMOW® Robotic Mower and FSA 45 Grass Trimmer make the ideal combination for your garden. After you’ve let the iMOW® work its magic on your lawn, tidy up your edges with the lightweight, compact and simple to operate FSA 45.

Buy a STIHL iMOW® from a STIHL Approved Dealer from 24th May 2019 to 31st December 2019 to receive a free of charge FSA 45 grass trimmer. STIHL and its Approved Dealers reserve the right to substitute free FSA 45 offered in this promotion for alternative suitable tools. While stocks last.

The new iMOW® robotic
mower from STIHL.

We all want more time to relax in our busy lives – but we all want a picture perfect garden. So why not let iMOW®, the robotic mower from STIHL, take care of your lawn.

The iMOW® robotic mower is designed to maintain your garden and provide it with the care it deserves – all whilst being uniquely tailored to your garden to leave you with a lush green lawn.

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iMOW® is powered by Lithium-Ion battery technology, so there are no emissions or fumes to worry about.

The adaptive charging system aligns the charge time with the cutting schedule, so choosing a slow and gentle charge more often will help you to save energy.

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The great thing about the iMOW® robotic mower is that it mows and cares for your lawn at the same time.

During mowing, it shreds the grass clippings finely, which fall back onto the lawn acting as a effective fertiliser (known as mulching).

Not only does this provide vital nourishment to help grow a thick and healthy lawn, it also means there are no grass clippings to collect and dispose of.

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Come rain or shine iMOW® keeps mowing until the job is done.

Adaptive slope speed technology means iMOW® can mow inclines of up to 45% with ease.

The robotic mower adjusts its speed to suit the mowing conditions, moving slower over long, thick grass or on hilly terrain.


iMOW® finds its own way.

iMOW® mows your lawn automatically and according to your garden’s needs. The built in sensors safely react to moving and static objects within the garden, which in turn moves iMOW® to cut in another direction.


iMOW® will also remember how much lawn has been cut and how much is left of the mowing plan.  If it has a large area left to mow and the battery is running low, it will charge itself faster. And when it is done working for the day, it charges at a slower and more economical rate which helps to prolong battery life and save energy.


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Quick & Smart.

iMOW® is one of the fastest robotic mowers on the market, giving you more time to enjoy your freshly cut lawn. In order to maintain that both the cut and the quality is of the highest standard, iMOW® adjusts it’s working speed according to the gradient of the terrain and the length of the grass to leave lawn with a precise finish.


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Innovative cutting technology.

iMOW® uses a double sharpened mulching blade to mow the grass and ensure a precise cutting pattern. The rotational direction of the blade changes automatically every time the blade stops to ensure even blade wear and a longer service life.


Safety measures have been put in place to stop the blade automatically as soon as someone tries to lift the iMOW®.


Whilst mowing, the iMOW® cuts and finely shreds the grass clippings which fall back onto the lawn, acting as an effective natural fertiliser (known as mulching).


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iMOW® keeps on mowing.

iMOW® is an extremely reliable robotic mower, able to cut the most demanding of lawns. The RMI 6 series are capable of mowing gradients of up to 45%. That’s a 45cm gain in height over a length of 100cm.


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Connective technology.

Wherever you are, the iMOW® app gives you full control of your mower via your mobile device.


The iMOW® app connects to any iMOW® C or PC model and enables you to configure the mowing plan, read status messages and pause or start new mowing operations from the comfort of your home or office. Through the intuitively designed interface, you can easily check on maintenance information, performance data and other important functions of the robotic mower – all in real time.


You can download the iMOW® app from the App Store and via Google play.

Let your STIHL approved dealer take care of the installation.

No one knows the iMOW® robotic mower better than a STIHL approved dealer, so let them take care of the installation as well. iMOW® is installed by a specialist as it uses a thin hidden wire to map out the layout of the area that needs to be mown. This way, iMOW® can manoeuvre around the garden and avoid obstacles such as flower beds, sheds, trees and water features.
iMOW® specialists give you the personal advice that you expect from STIHL approved dealers – ensuring you receive professional service right from the start.
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All iMOW® come with 5 years domestic and professional warranty, subject to product registration and annual servicing.

Find the right model for you.

*Manufacturer's recommended retail price updated as of February 2019. The manufacturer's recommended retail prices are subject to change without notice.

Questions and answers.

Speak with your local STIHL approved iMOW® dealer to arrange an initial consultation. Once you have decided on the right iMOW® for you, your iMOW® dealer will make a layout plan of the area to be mown according to your instructions. Then, they will lay the perimeter wire and place the docking station in the best suited section of the area. Your STIHL approved iMOW® dealer will program the mowing plan with you and can make any additional adjustments to the iMOW®.

The mowing plan is created automatically or manually depending on your lawns needs. Whether you prefer for iMOW® to work when you are at home or when you are sleeping, you can program it to your preference. iMOW® not only cuts automatically according to plan, but also adds in a buffer zone to make up for any cutting time it may have missed as a result of battery charging or rain (if the rain sensor is activated).

For obstacles such as flower beds, ornamental shrubs and other objects, a loop can be easily installed which acts as an exclusion zone. When iMOW® encounters any unplanned objects such as barbeques or deck chairs, the sensors under the hood automatically reverse the mower and move it off in another direction.

The iMOW® robotic mower is equipped with a variety of sensors. As soon as someone attempts to lift iMOW®, it stops. If iMOW® hits a static object, it simply moves into another direction. iMOW® can also be set so that it can only be operated following entry of a pre-defined PIN code.

The mowing zone is defined with a perimeter wire which transmits an interference-free signal. This means that the signal does not compete with other signals.

All iMOW® models are equipped with an alarm that is activated when the machine is lifted. iMOW® can be set so it can only be operated following the entry of a PIN code. On the C model of iMOW®, you can also choose to receive an email or text message in the event that your machine is stolen and then locate it with your mobile device using the iMOW® app.

Yes. The 6 series models of iMOW® have a removable control panel that allows you to steer iMOW® as well as manually changing the settings. The LCD is always clear on iMOW® to read, regardless of weather conditions.

The wide range of robotic mowers are ideal for mowing lawns of all sizes, up to 5000 m². If your lawn has many nooks and crannies, these can be taken into account and an optimal solution will be found for your lawn layout.

iMOW® is a mulching mower and therefore requires no grass collector. By cutting the grass into very small pieces, the trimmings disappear back into the lawn and provide valuable nutrients to the soil. This eventually leads to a lush and healthy lawn.

Yes. iMOW® is extremely quiet and is capable of cutting at night.

The soft edges located at ground level (such as a low patio or walkway) can be included within the installation. For hard edges (such as walls and elevated patios), iMOW® can be installed so that it can run as close to the edge as possible.

Yes. Provided they are connected within the same wiring loop, a second, separate grassy area may also be mowed if it has its own docking area.